My Main Campaign...

Ever since I laid eyes on this campaign dresser a while back, I had been on the hunt to find one and do my own Campaign Dresser DIY. Well, amazingly I finally found one on Craigslist and tried my hand at it. I'm pretty pleased as punch to say that I did a darn tooting good job (sometimes you just HAVE to toot your own little horn, toot toot). And after a few afternoons of sanding, priming and spray painting in my backyard, the dresser held up pretty well. It went from a something that lacked a little punch to something that makes me smile with a little bit of pride and glee. For my first dresser makeover, I may be able to say that I could do it again minus the gnats that kept landing in the wet paint.

What's your furniture DIY story?

{photo courtesy of PTD}

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