Have a Lovely Weekend...

This weekend should be nice and a bit relaxed after last Saturday's travel debacle. (Insert fadey dream sequence here): I was in LA and just trying to get home, simply trying to get home. Unluckily for me, I was at the airport at 6am (yep 6am). Somehow (GRACE), I made it safely after my lunamaniac shuttle driver's driving, in order to make a 7:50am flight. Needless to say after enduring broken kiosks, line waiting for 2 hours (with NO FOOD), missing my flight, irate customers/airline workers, next flight delayed by 2.5 hours, middle seat and what should have been a 3:33pm arrival turning into landing at my home airport at 8:40pm and then me turning right about and making yet another out of town trip, I'm really really looking forward to a very peaceful weekend with no travel.

I hope that this weekend proves to be what you need it to be whether it's restful, peaceful, fun, productive, lovely, in good company/or the arms of the one you love and/or enjoying some good eats!

Dear beauts if I've never known it before, I do now, you belong with me!

I'm def. becoming partial to this amazing scent. Sweet yet not syrupy sweet!

Heard so many good raves/reviews about this that I have to give it a try. My face deserves a nice treat!

This pretty much sums it up and I need to place an order STAT!

Have a lovely weekend!

{photo courtesy of Geronimo Balloons}

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