Bath Milk Party Favor...

Over the weekend, one of my dearest friends had a baby shower for her little second addition. As one of the party favor gifts, I created small bottles of Bath Milk and put them amongst other things in a small party bag.

The photo isn't the best (hint hint I need a better camera gift givers) but hopefully you get the gist. I found little round cork topped bottles, filled them with scented bath milk, made a label, added a little gem topper (to be swapped from the cork styled one) and make a little card of instructions and voila.

The party bags were a hit as well as this small favor!

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Anonymous said...

I happen to be there at this beautiful baby shower for (hint hint my God-Baby to be). I was so surprised to recieve such a lovely token of love in this party favor bag. I recommend these to anyone who loves nice and delicate things! I will hold on to my favor for sometime I don't want to use it.

Very Special Young Lady!


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