Hampton is Four....

Happy 4th Birthday to the best little dog a pet owner could ever have.

Hampton has been and is a wonderful delight to my life. He’s always full of little surprises (going through my purse and leaving its contents strewn about the room, the poops and tinkles, the ripped papers, the trash that somehow makes it out of the trash can, the missing food, the treasures deposited when he gets upset, the chasing of the neighbors kids, squirrels, cats and birds etc.), sweet as sugar pie (the excitement when I come home, the wet kisses, the snuggles, the playfullness etc.) and just one life’s greatest treasures.

Even though he has no clue as to why I made such a merry fuss this morning (the constant happy birthday Hamptons had him running around n circles and hopping all over my room), he’ll know something’s up when we get to the pet store and he gets his free birthday gift or when he gets his own little bowl of doggie ice cream.

Hampton if you could read (I’d be rich, no really, we'd live off your earnings and you would be an even more pampered pooch), you would be thrilled to see how much you mean to me!

Happy Birthday and I hope we celebrate many many more together!

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