Turks & Caicos & Turkey Bacon...

If I ever were to recommend a wonderful place to go for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation, it would def. be the island of Turks & Caicos!
I’m back everyone, refreshed, restored and guiltily ready to have another vacation {smile}! I had THEE best time ever! The water, the island, the people, the food, the weather, everything was absolutely as close to a perfect vacation that I think one could ever come close to!
It was such a delight that my gal pals and I are planning to head back next year and this time the guys can come. I’m so sure that everyone will have a wonderful time! Aside from relaxingly drifting out to sea on a small foamy floaty device and screaming NOOOO as I Michael Phelps {paddled} my way back to shore, this vacation get a serious thumbs up.
AND I was successful in getting a nice golden tan {I promise I used Sunscreen}..I look like delicious turkey bacon!

{Photo courtesy of Penelope Toop}

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