Summer Loving...

So one of my cousins {Barney} & his beautiful bride to be {Pam} are getting married August 1st!! I’m so excited because it gives me the opportunity to celebrate another family member finding wonderful love & starting a fanciful new chapter in his life, being around my colorful & entertaining family, & it gives me an opportunity to head back to my home town {Chicago} during one of the greatest seasons to be there {Summer}.

I went to Anthropologie and came across a dress that is:
1. in my favorite color {Marigold} even though they are pitching it as Gold
2. in my size
3. just so absolutely darling to me
4. light & breezy with a def. feminine flare

Special thanks to my darling beau who has so graciously offered to get it for me because, since he can’t be there {sad face}, he still wants me to look pretty.

{photo courtesy of Anthropologie}

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