Yellow Dandy...

I purchased this Rosette Fascinator a few months ago from Art Star Philly, & have yet to display it on my pretty little noggin but I think that now should be a great time to do it. Boy oh boy I can't wait, it will be so great, great, great, great, great, great {in the words of Prof. Klump}
Unfortunately it's sold out at Art Star Philly BUT the SPLENDIFERIOUSLY great news is that you can purchase it here! They have amazing colors to choose from as well so the only hard part is just deciding what color to purchase.
A rousing round of applause to Giant Dwarf!!!
{Photo courtesy of Giant Dwarf}


Dionne said...

Oh I love that color - so friendly and delicate!

jen jafarzadeh said...

oh love. so fun!

Unknown said...

Hooray - you can definitely participate in the swap - it's open to anyone anywhere, so if you know anyone else who might want to play long, let them know to comment before midnight today.

I am excited you're in it!


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