Have a Lovely Weekend

I’m going to take this weekend to really, really, no honestly, really clean and purge my room. It def. looks like it should be dubbed a ‘Disaster Area’..Oh for shame!

But as Hampton the dog as my witness, I WILL dedicate my Saturday & Sunday with the sacred hope & sheer determination of returning my room back to the beautiful boudoir that it once was!

May each of you have a spectacular weekend, whether you’re cleaning the home, enjoying the wonderful warm weather, lounging around, or hanging out with family and/or friends. Make you sure your top priority is to enjoy yourself & soak up some good summer loving!


Pamela said...

Hello Penelope,

My name is Pamela and I'm your Summer Swamp partner/friend! Nice to 'meet' you!

I hear ya about bedroom cleaning...I finally gutted mine a few days ago. Now I feel like a new woman!!

I look forward to getting to know you...

:) Pamela

Tracy said...

I found your blog through City of Dionne and just had to tell you how lovely it is! It may just be me making assumptions but, do you live in DC? In the area? If so, I live in DC and would love to chat with you about some of your favorite places in the city!

Pamela said...

Hi! I just wanted to see if you received my previous comment, as I don't see it on here.

I hope you had a productive and wonderful weekend!

Your Summer Swap Pal,

:) Pamela


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