Friend Interview w/ S. Ford..Coupon Clipping

I love all my friends and I think that they are amazing & entertaining to boot. Here's my interview with one of them.

Introducing......S. Ford {a rousing round of applause applicable here}!

P.Toop: So S. Ford, I'm totally fascinated by this hobby that you have with coupon clipping. Would you care to expound?

S. Ford: What can I say...being fabulous & frugal is just in my DNA. I’ve only seriously been clipping coupons over the past few years but I believe that I’ve always had a natural instinct for sniffing out a great deal. My mom was what I consider to be a “grocery coupon clipper” & once I got older, the torch, or rather the scissors, were passed to me, & of course I became more developed & took it to new heights. My love is not just for clipping coupons it's also for browsing circulars of any kind and reading articles about how to save money. I find it to be very relaxing...

P. Toop: So what do you primarily use your coupon deals for?

S. Ford: I use coupons for everything from electronics to clothes to movie tickets...the list goes on and on. My motto/thought is, “the money I save with my coupons can be used on some other great finds”. While pursuing a degree in Business {GO RUTGERS!!!!}, my studies intrigued me to make the most efficient use of all my resources.

P.Toop: See this is why you fascinate me {add that to your BFF dictionary}. I’ve never really clipped coupons but when I was younger I’d clip them only to make perfect little squares and then ditch them once I was done clipping. Youths I tell you! So it's just in your blood eh? Well I guess it is because you have coupons for Pet Smart and don't even own an animal, whuaa!

S. Ford: Yeah...I guess you can say I inherited it. But can you say that if the person is still alive??? Anywho... I just love coupons so much that I want everyone I know to save money by using them so if I'm browsing and see a coupon that I know I won't use but someone comes to mind that can use it "viola" ...cut it out...stick it in a nice little envelope...and slip it in their purse when they're not looking. Prin...I knew you could take Hampton for a nice little grooming or something...he wants to be pampered too.

P. Toop: Well isn't that just so sweet of you. Yeah, more than likely I can use that coupon to get him some little treats, or toys grooming not so much. I took him there one time and he came back looking like a totally different dog and mom {me} was not pleased. He look like a dark ferret. I'll stick with the mommy cuts, ha ha Lest I digress. How to keep all your coupons together? Do you have a wonderfully chic carrying case and if you do, where did you get it and ....did you purchase it with a coupon?

S. Ford: Well...a co-worker of mine who shared my same enthusiasm for coupon clipping proceeded to bring me the Sunday paper every Monday morning. While most of the super de duper coupons were already gone, I figured it's the thought that counts and there was always something good waiting with my name on it.

I really said all that to say that said co-worker purchased me a little coupon holder. After the coupon holder fell apart about a month later I purchased an
upgraded version at one of my favorite stores The Container Store. It was complete with colored tabs for each month and a cutsie little button closure, oh my! I always keep it at the ready either in my purse or glove compartment because I never know when I’ll need to pull it out. Unfortunately, I didn't use a coupon to purchase it but it was an investment so I didn't mind paying full price.

P.Toop: So you're savvy, chic, frugal & fabulous! I can dig it!! So any parting words for our readers?

S. Ford: While it's great to get compliments on being fabulous, it's better to get them for being financially savvy. So the next time you see an opportunity to cut a coupon... go for it! That's money that not only can be spent but also money that can also be saved or invested.

P.Toop: Spoken like a true financially conscious lovely lady. Thanks so much for taking this time to be interviewed & I'm sure you've given our readers a bit of coupony insight!!

{Photo courtesy of The Container Store}

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