Congratulations Simpson Family...

Just a small but rather LARGE congratulations to my dear dear friend KerryAnne & her hubby!!! The are expecting baby #1. I'm so uberly happy for them both but KerryAnne especially. She is my wonderful Hampton University/Queen Street Hall Alum!!!

KerryAnne you are going to be a SUPERB/FANTASTIC mother! You've had so many friends to "practice" on during the years! Remember when you made me wash my hair with that awful garlic smelling shampoo because it promised to be good for my hair follicles? Or the times you lovingly gave me guy advice, or the time when you made me try a {okay this one we'll save for private talk, ha ha}!!!

Well including all those things and more, I'm just overly excited for you and I can't wait to see the new bebe when he/she gets here!!!

Love you!!!!

{Photo courtesy of Material Girl}


Jodie from the team at said...

A lovely blog post and such wonderful news for your friend.

Prin said...

Hi Jodie!

Thanks so much for your visit to my site and a special special thank you on behalf of my friend KerryAnne, she's so happy!

Hope to hear from you soon!



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