Room Makeover...

Have you ever felt the need to change things up in your bedroom since it’s supposed to be your comfortable happy haven from the chaotic outside world? I’ve been trying to re-do my room for over a year now and I can proudly say that things are finally underway!

My color palette is pretty much neutral tones with white furniture and a splash of color here and there {from books to throws, etc.}. My walls are {Warm nutmeg} are pretty much the only thing in my room that will not change sicne my sister/friend and I took a night and painted until we were delirious, but I think the awesome Taco dinner I prepared afterwards paid my debt. Thanks C. Harrison!!!
I’ve finally found the ‘large’ furniture pieces {dressers, chair & desk} all from IKEA, after countless early Saturday morning trips {thanks Mom}. One thing that I found out on one of those trips, is that IKEA lets you design your own desk, so I took advantage of that and after approx. 20-25 of deciding how large I wanted the desk to be and which style legs I wanted, a decision was finally made. Overall things are progressing well. I only need to order my headboard and look for a TV that doesn’t have a gigantic backside!

I will def. keep you posted on how things work out.

P.S.: I said that I was going to have a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the completion of the room since I’ve only been talking about it since FORVER!. My friend’s laughed {S. Ford in particular} but I think it’s only because she knows that I will actually have one. I make everything, even the smallest of things a reason to celebrate but that’s what helps make me..ME!

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