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Normally, I’m the person in the office that is so excited about my new food finds, that I come excitedly in the workplace to pitch whatever products I want my co-workers to try. However, yesterday, my co-worker E. Smith beat me to the punch {or perhaps I’m rubbing off on her} in something new for my co-worker C. Pruitt & I to try.

Introducing Pop Chips! They're potato chips that are never fried or baked, making them all natural and oil free and tons of other things that are supposed to be good for us.
C. Pruitt & I both agreed that they were flavorful {we had BBQ} and they didn't leave a weird "healthy" aftertaste on our delicate palettes!
They come in a variety of flavors and can be found at your local Target, Whole Foods, Safeway and the list goes on and on.

Thank you E. Smith and thank you Pop Chips!

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CDP said...

Yeah!! The chips were very nutritious and delicious! Shout-out to BB!! Thanks again for sharing this wonderful experience with me. Did I tell you that i love this site.


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