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The other day I was perusing Instagram looking for my daily fix of awesome photos and I happened upon an amazing dress! I was curious to see who the designer was and low and behold it was designed/created by a friend of mine named Reuben. I first met Reuben years ago when I was a student at Hampton University and sang with one of the community choirs. Reuben always had a wonderful sense of style as well as his sister Naomi with whom I sang with, so needless to say I shouldn't be one bit shocked that I'm seeing his work online. 

Though it's been a few years and Reuben and I had lost touch, I was beyond excited to see him on Instagram and that he was actively and successfully pursuing his dream of becoming a fashion designer for all the world to see. I've already picked out a few pieces that I literally NEED in my wardrobe!!
I decided that I would pick Reuben's brain about his current line/online Etsy shop, De-Mes'TiksNYC!

Check out our interview below:
Describe Reuben Reuel/De-Mes’Tiks: 
De-Mes'Tiks by Reuben Reuel is a label derived from my love of NYC's Garment District. All of the fabric, notions, trims, etc. are all purchased domestically in NYC and I also use manufacturers in NYC to produce the line. De-Mes'Tiks is about finding fabrics that inspire creativity.

What led to your decision or attraction to design women’s clothing? Is there a plan to expand to other fashion/beauty areas?
I have always had an attraction to fashion in general, however in womenswear I can experiment more creatively. The options women have in apparel are so vast. I do, however, have plans of designing menswear as well considering that I am a man, and I like vast options too! (haha) I feel that there is a shift in fashion now where men are becoming much more concerned with their appearance as much as women are. Kind of like a balance in some way. 

What’s your affinity towards ethnic patterns in your designs? Who is your line appealing to?
Well, I am not African if that's what you want to know (haha). To be honest, I just have a love for prints and colors. When I discovered the fabrics a light bulb came on in my head. The fabrics are so bold, daring, and in your face. I have seen it used in traditional African apparel, but I wanted to translate the fabrics in a more modern, American style. I wanted to create designs that are universal to all walks of life.  I have had people from all different ethnicites respond to the collection with such positive feedback, that's when I knew I accomplished my goal. In a way, changing people's perception of the fabric.

If you could design during any time period, what would it be/why?
That's easy...THE late 70's/ early 80's! The Disco Era! It was time when fashion was playful and sexy. Women dressed like women and men dressed like men. There was a refinement and elegance to clothing and HOW people dressed that we don't see much of today.

What/who serves as your creative muse?
What: I guess I would say fabrics and textiles. I design backwards. I find the right fabric then I create.

Who: I would have to say my one and only sister, Naomi. I always ask myself "would she wear this?" "could she wear?" "would she hate, like, or love it?" 

From a male perspective, what are three key pieces that you believe should be in every woman’s closet?
Hhhhhmmm (good question!) 
1. A transitional classic dress- the kind wear no matter how you wear it or what you wear it with, it always looks good on you and looks different every time it's worn.
2. Black Pumps- (self explanatory) 
3. A good leather bag/purse/clutch- the kind that always gets compliments

Because dreams and aspirations are limitless: what are yours that you have yet to experience?
I have not been to Europe...yet! :) Although this "Concrete Jungle" is my heart and first love, I would like to see how other cultures live. 

Fill in the Blanks:
It’s a Wednesday afternoon and: I am getting over the hump!
My Favorite Word is: GOD because it's very easy and hard to explain all at the same time
My approach to life/design/love is: The De-Mes'Tiks motto:  "Live to create, create to live" -R. Reuel 
If you could freestyle, it would go a little something like this: "My name is Reuben DOT DOT DOT, SOMETH'N SOMETH'N SOME'N that's all I got !" (hahaha!) 

Thanks so much Reuben and I wish/pray you nothing but sweet sweet success! 

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