DIY | Paper & Lipstick...

Lipstick Fun...
Need to spruce up your desk area? Bring a little bit of color and get some more use out of your current lipstick stash? Here's a quick little DIY to help you out a bit and bring out your inner Picasso. Who said lipstick was just for lips!

This is a very simple and inexpensive way to bring a little color and fun into your work space (home office or if you work in a creative environment). 

1. Pick a few shades of your colorful lipstick (I chose Wet n Wild: 966, 970 & 967)
2. Place color on lips ( I know that's a no brainer)
3. Tape a piece of cardstock paper in a light shade in order to pick up the various shades (I chose Paper Source Soft White) to a flat surface
4. Pucker up and create
5. Now frame your one of a kind piece of art!

Have fun!

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