Carpet Runner DIY-oh-My...

Living in our present home for the past 7 years, you tend to notice some things that you would like to tweak...which brings me to the staircase. It's carpeted, needed some love and a much needed sprucing up.

While in Target this past weekend, my mother and I found some really nice rugs {they remind me of mini mustaches} that sparked my interest for a little quick project. Because the stairs were a bit bland, I decided to create a "staircase runner". We simply scoured about 3-4 Targets looking for more rugs since the patterned ones we'd chosen were on sale, we ended up with about 9-10 rugs. Apparently we didn't need that many but it's better to have more than enough than not enough.

I simply took the rugs beginning at the first full step and began layering {using my handy staple gun to ensure they don't move} them down the steps until the last landing and I must say, it has instantly given our staircase a wonderful new look and feeling. For this project I only used about 7-8 of the rugs and for a inexpensive cost! YAY to DIY!

{photo courtesy of PTD}

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The Suave Sparrow said...

I would be interested to know if they've held up while attached on top of carpet?


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