Have a Lovely Weekend...

This week the weather has been more than amazing, especially yesterday! We hit temperatures in the 80s! Summer in March is pretty alright with me. As the weekend approaches within a few mere hours, I'm looking forward to it!

Here's to hoping that you have a super fantastic weekend!

I seriously was flabbergasted & darn near gobsmacked when I found out I can make an even smaller cake!

I'm so excited that the circus is coming to town. I'm way over the age to be excited but there is still a little bit of kid in me., I keep getting visions of cotton candy and amazing feats!

This has to be THEE BEST NEWS I've heard today! This was one of my favorite magazines and I still have ALL of them neatly stacked in my home. The truth is I couldn't bear to part with them! Hip Hip Hooray!

New (to me) musical artist, Zara McFarlane

{photo via Confetti System}

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