BlogShop puhlease...

come to the Washington, DC area! I have been patiently waiting and even putting my request/bid in for this dynamic duo, Bri Emery of Design Love Feast and photographer Angela Kohler to come to this area for what seems like eons (okay maybe only a few months).

BLOGSHOP is primarily a "Photoshop bootcamp" where you spend an entire weekend packing your wonderful brain full of awesome things to make your images on your blog unique, eye catching, amazing and awesome to look at. You'll learn the basics and nifty little tricks on how to spruce up your blog and NOT be intimidated by the tools/applications of Photoshop.

This sounds like something that would be perfect for PTD and it's a good tool to have because looking at PhotoShop truly makes my head hurt. Also, it doesn't hurt that Bri and Angela make the class look like LOADS OF FUN (check out the video below)!

So please, Bri and/or Angela, would you please come to DC..and soon?!

{video courtesy of BLOGSHOP - Seattle from GMP on Vimeo}

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