Guess Who's Back?

Moi! Well Penelope Toop {Darling to be exact and/or precise}!!!!!

TA-DA! The blog re-vamping has been completed and I'm beyond EXCITED. I love the new look and feel of PTD and it's been looooooooooooong, way long overdue. I was looking at a number of my past posts and it made me really think about how much I enjoyed blogging, but then also looking at how one day of not doing so turned into two, which turned into days, weeks and even months!

I look forward to great things springing forth from PTD in the upcoming year (let's start off slowly ok?)! New friends/people to connect with and support, creative and inspirational findings, solidifying my blog voice and just having a great time!

Man right about now I wish I were a rapper so I could spit out a dope beat/rhyme!

A special, special heartfelt thanks to Marie! She was awesome and the blog design process with her at the helm was AMAZING!

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