Healthy Hair, I'll Take It..

In an effort to improve in a number of areas in my life this year (you know the normals: finances (savings, spending, investing etc.), self improvement, upstarting my business, health (body,mind, spirit and even hair, yep hair) and any other goals that pop in my mind), my friend and I decided to participate in one of my favorite bloggers
Moptop Maven's, 2011 Hair Challenge!! (and the crowd goes wild). As a natural gal, its both liberating yet challenging to maintain healthy hair practices but with anything that you do in life, you have to be consistent and motivated to improve.

The challenge isn't just about achieving long hair, but tailoring your goal(s) to suit your need(s). Length retention isn't really my top priority (but I welcome it, ha ha) but rather just having healthy strong hair. I believe that I'm on the right track but I'm just challenging myself to see what I can do better to obtain greater results. And boy OH boy are there multiple regimens out there in hair land. I'm leaning towards incorporating the Ayurvedic regimen into my challenge (I've tried one item thus far like using the Vatika Oil, I like it but not so much the smell but it gives your hair an incredible sheen)!

My friend and I are so excited and we're committed to the MTM Hair Challenge!!!

I'l keep you posted on how things go!!

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