Have a Lovely Weekend...

Hello all,
it has been way too long since I've posted last. Things have been extremely hectic (I know excuses excuses but it's true). But I'm back now and hopefully we won't have to be apart this long ever again!

This seems to be one of the last weekends of the summer and perhaps the last before all of the kiddies are off to school, the traffic jams begin with a vengeance, and the weather puts on it Fall gear. The summer has def. been wonderful and I'm looking for an even promising and delightful Fall season, plus I really can't wait until caramel apples happily trudge and/or roll their way back into my house and tummy.

To cap off one of the remaining summer weekends, I would love to find a little flea market and see what my eyes can find and what would seemingly have a good place in my home and perhaps try to create a small summer fare menu which has to include getting another sweet mouth/taste bud happy watermelon from Target (who knew).

Whatever it is that you decide to get into this weekend, make sure that you enjoy yourself, have fun, eat well and look forward to another day!
{photo via We Heart It}

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