Yesterday my co-workers and I surprised my supervisor and took her to lunch to celebrate her birthday. Her actual birthday is on Saturday but we thought we’d do something early so that way she wouldn’t expect a thing. It worked. We had a series of clues {that I made} delivered to her by a few people and we even had our security guards play a role.
Her 1st clue let her know that the next day she would have to keep a watchful and observant eye as she will begin to receive a series of clues within that day. The 2nd clue was given to her manager to give to her after their Manager’s Meeting. That clue read that at 12:45 she needed to gather her belongings, turn off her office light, head to the elevator, and once in the lobby, stop by the guards booth and give her name {I had given them the envelope to give to Theresa}. The 3rd clue told her to head out of the building and head to the following address {which was the address of the restaurant}. She was given the 4th and final clue by one of our co-workers who met her outside of the building and it said SURPRISE & Happy Birthday! I love happy surprises and making people pleased as punch!

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Wonderful idea!


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