Sandwich Thieves Thwarted...

Ah the joys of packing your lunch and happily bringing it to work! No longer are you apart of the lunch crowd that hurriedly crowds the city streets filing into various food establishments while your lunch gets tossed and flung around as the preparers try to quickly fill their orders.
The pleasure of knowing that you have a hearty meal only steps away in the company frig, your mouth waters, your heart flutters with glee, you’re only moments away from enjoying your delectable treats…you inch closer to the frig, open the door and there, there right in front of you is your lunch bag, it’s like Christmas morning, you rush to your seat, desk already prepared to welcome your lavish homemade spread, you take out your beverage, chips, fruit, & your wallop of a sandwich only to find, wait, oh no, OH YES, only to find that there is a HUGE chunk missing! Missing? Yes, missing.
Do you:
a. sputter out words of utter dismay and confusion
b. send a company wide e-mail on the do’s and don’ts of sandwich thievery
c. eat it any way {good heavens NO}
I’m thinking that option d. would have been the perfect choice for my co-worker who actually opted for option b when this travesty happened to her.
Though disgusting yet comical to look at, I’m thinking that this actually might deter office sandwich thieves.
{photos courtesy of Think of The}

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