An Ode to Sweet Potatoes & Sweet Salty Corn..

So in case you haven't noticed I like to try new things and food is no exception! The other day while strolling through the market for good finds for my daily home lunch, I came across a bag of delectable Terra chips.

According to their tantilizing description, these Spiced Sweet Potato Chips have 'delicate tones of cumin & cilantro, balanced w/a distinctive accent of cayenne pepper, combined to entice the senses'. And entice they do. All I can say is that these chips are yummy and I've pretty much polished off the bag and I just got it on Monday!

Another great tasty find would be Trader Joe's Kettle Korn Popcorn ! As many times as I've passed this bag of sweetly yet salty treat, I don't know what made me pick today to purchase a bag and rip it open before I left the parking lot.

OMG in CAPS {thanks Toya, ha ha} firstly the bag was filled to the top and not just with air, secondly, these little puffs of corn are sooo yummy and such a perfect snack seriously!! Everyone, find your nearest Trader Joe's and purchase a bag or two. I "promise" you'll enjoy it as much as I am/did!

{Photo courtesy of abdpbt }

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