Splish Splash..Never Try To..

replace a water cooler by yourself!!!

Okay yesterday was the melted cocoa butter all over my desk incident and today it was water.

So the water cooler was empty and my normal go to gal {becky} wasn't at her desk, so I figured that I'd watched her plenty of times before and she made it look so easy. "It's all in your knees" she said so I figured I'd give it a go.

Step 1: remove the empty cooler from the stand, place to the side {CHECK}
Step 2: remove the cap off the full water container, discard top into trash {CHECK}
Step 3: pick up water container, use knees {CHECK}
Step 4: pour water into hole on top of cooler secure and voila {NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO}

I started out okay with Step 4 until the water started over filling in the hole and shooting out every where. Not only could I NOT get the container to fit in the hole but I am soaking up the floor, parts of the copy machine, the other water containers on the floor, not to mention the walls, and of course myself {clothes and I have puddles of water in my shoes}.

I got so nervous that I ran to the bathroom and got some paper towels and jogged back to the scene of my demise and started quickly cleaning up the place. Luckily at this time the water container cooperated with me and I soggily squished back to my desk to tell my co-worker what NOT TO DO AT WORK BY YOURSELF.

Heavy sigh becky made it look so easy. My stomach still hurts from my nerves. I'm so glad that no one was in their office because I would have had a crowd as well as an office wide e-mail sent about women specifically under 110, not being able to hurl water jugs into the cooler.

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