Paper Valise...

Papier Valise has charming stocks of paper & other little enchanting treats, so I was pleased as punch when I came across it on my Net ventures.

I’m 100% convinced that I’ll be putting this online store on my list of ‘Stores to Order From’ in the very near future! Don’t sit on your laurels, check it out and make your orders soon. The prices are beyond superb so you’ll get a lot of goodies for your dollar.

Good thing to Note: Not only does PV have a store, but also a delightful blog & photo gallery {the photos will make your heart flutter}!

Papier Valise has been previously mentioned on extraordinary sites like Uppercase & Oh Happy Day & undoubtedly many more.

Round of applause to Papier Valise {clap clap clap clap}!!!!

{All Photos courtesy of Papier Valise}

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