Lovely Design..

I know that I've mentioned this at least once, but there are so many creative/talented/gifted people on this Earth that we are often daily even inspired by.

One of my favorite talents is Sharilyn of Lovely Design! Not only is she wonderfully created but she's equally as nice. I was fortunate enough to come across her page and order a package of her 30+ Card Pack. They really need a home so I figured I would also purchase the Address File but to my dismay at the time, she was "fortunate" enough {business wise} to sell out.

Well Oh Happy Day is finally here!!!! She has more in stock but being the gracious person that she is, if you are interested in the Address File, she does have a waiting list and she will add you to it if you really really really really want it.

She has loads more of beautiful & warm heartedly made products so be sure to run to either of her pages here or here, & have a look see!

{Photos courtesy of Lovely Design }

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