J'aime Paris

It all started with a movie Amelie

Ok ok it actually began when I was in the 7th grade & began taking French! Oh I was so in love, but then it quickly subsided once I hit the 8th grade { & sad to say, French was not an option} through my Junior year of college. Leave it to me to wait until my Senior year of college to try my hand at French once more. The language is so uberly romantic. Welllll.... I created my own language by mixing French and Spanish but hey at least I passed right?

I've always kept a special mushy little place in my heart for learning the language and seeing the beautiful country.

Fast forward to present time post Amelie. I'm still so in love with the language and I'm determined to learn it once and for all. It's either Rosetta Stone or a personal tutor.

I MUST get to Paris and I think a trip there should commence at once!

{Photos courtesy of ParisDailyPhoto }

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