Ever since I went to an event breakfast and had…brace yourselves..Peach Cobbler w/ Vanilla Ice Cream and Bacon, my dear co-worker {who is also a lover of food} kept telling me he wanted me to try this Bacon & Chocolate candy bar. It sounded a bit bizarre but I guess no more bizarre than my Peach Cobbler, Ice Cream & Bacon concoction.

So today when I arrived to my desk, I had a nice little present waiting for me {and who doesn’t like nice gifts}… Mo’s Bacon Bar equipped w/a little note! Immediately I dig right in and…..the verdict is still out. I think that I can kinda get used to the unique taste but I think that I may favor my Peach Cobbler concoction a tiny bit more.

Mo’s Bacon Bar is not alone in its venture to pair chocolate with the unordinary. Look here for more fantastic chocolate confectioner creations!

Thanks dear co-worker for my bacony sweet treat!

{Photo courtesy of Loulies}

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